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Industrial, Agriculture, Natural Resources Exhibition Opens in Somali Regional State

Dec 26, 2020
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December 26/2020(ENA)The first-ever industrial, agricultural and natural resources exhibition in Somali Regional State was officially opened in Jigjiga City today.

Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives Tagesse Chafo, Minister of Trade and Industry Melaku Alebel, and other senior government officials were present at the event.

The speaker said on the occasion that the reformist regional leaders are making the state a development corridor by freeing it from injustice.

The Somali Region has immense potential to integrate the region through development and investment, Tagesse said, urging leaders of the region to create conducive conditions for citizens to benefit from the natural resources.

Trade and Industry Minister of Melaku Alebel said “lasting peace can be achieved in Ethiopia  by ensuring fair access to all areas in the country.”

He recalled that the region had previously been embezzled by a few politically dominant groups, and praised the reformist leadership for making citizens in the region become beneficiaries within a short period.

Furthermore, the minister stated that a federal team will hold consultations with the state cabinet to utilize the investment potential of the region.

The five-day exhibition is the first of its type to be held in Somali Region.

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