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Tigray Interim Administration, Residents of Mekelle City Conducting Discussion

Dec 25, 2020
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Mekele,December 25/2020(ENA)Tigray Interim Administration has been conducting discussion with resident representatives of the regional city Mekelle.

Interim Administration CEO Mulu Nega, Tigray Prosperity Party Senior Leader Abraham Belay, Northern Command Division Head Major General Belay Seyoum, and Mekelle City Interim Administration Mayor Ataklti Hailesellassie are leading the forum.

Several residents including religious leaders and community elders screening out from all sub-cities of Mekelle are attending the discussion.

Religious heads, elders from all the sub-cities, and many inhabitants have been in attendance of the forum.

During the discussion, the participants condemned the treasonous attack of the TPLF junta on the National Defense Force.

The residents participating in the discussion have asked the interim administration to strengthen its structure down to the lowest level.

They further requested the immediate organization of the police force that maintains peace and security of the city.

The participants also asked the government to restore Internet service as it has instantly done on electric services and other infrastructures.

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