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The United States’ Humanitarian Assistance Response to Conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Dec 23, 2020
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The United States is providing more than $18 millionin assistance to respond to the growing humanitarian needs caused by conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.  This assistance will help our international humanitarian organization partnersrespond to theneeds ofmore than 52,000 new refugees in Sudan, refugeesanddisplacedpersonsin Ethiopia, and possible needs in Djibouti, in addition others displaced by conflict in the Horn of Africa region already being assisted by USG partners.  These resources will help provideaccess tocritical humanitarian protection, shelter, essential health care and nutrition, emergency food aid, education, water, sanitation, and hygiene services for refugees, internally displaced people, and vulnerable host communities. 


We remaingravely concernedby the humanitarian impact of the conflictin Tigray.  We call on the governmenttoallowimmediate,full, safe, and unhindered accessso humanitarian organizations can provide timely, needs-based assistance to those affected by the conflict.  We stand with the international community in condemning the intimidation and killings of humanitarian aid workers in Tigray as well as the lootingof relief suppliesand the destruction ofcivilian infrastructure.  All parties must respectinternationalhumanitarian law.   


The United States is also deeply concerned for the safety and security of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia.  The United States joins calls by the UN for theEthiopiangovernment to uphold its obligations under international law and to take appropriate measures to ensure the protection and safety of all refugees in Ethiopia. Those responsible for egregious abuses or violations against civilians must be held accountable. 


More than a month ofconflicthascompounded the preexisting humanitarian crises in the region.  The COVID-19 pandemic,historic levels of flooding, and desert locust swarms haveincreasedeconomic hardshipandthreatenedfood security and the basic needs of refugees and civiliansin Tigray. 


In addition to providinglife-saving assistance, the United States, along with our international partners,remains ready and willingto assist in dialogue and reconciliation and to stand withthe people of the regionto bring a complete end to thefightingandtobuild a brighter, more hopeful future.We welcomethe contributionsalready providedby current donors andcall onothersto support the international response to help meet the immediate humanitarian needsin Sudan and Ethiopia. 

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