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Embassy Working to Repatriate More Than 1,000 Imprisoned Ethiopians from Tanzania

Dec 22, 2020
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Addis Ababa, December 22/2020(ENA) Resource mobilization is underway to repatriate 1,100 Ethiopians imprisoned in four correctional facilities of Tanzania, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Tanzania Yonas Yosef said.

The ambassador told ENA that visits have already been made to Tanga, Morogor, Bagamoyo and Pwani correctional facilities since last month.

The visits revealed that the prisoners have been facing hardship after smugglers cheated them.

According to Ambassador Yonas, humanitarian assistance and food as well medical treatments are being provided to them.

He stated that discussions with the pertinent offices of the Tanzanian government is underway; and the government has shown the goodwill to release the prisoners.

Resources required to repatriate the imprisoned Ethiopians are being mobilized, according to the ambassador.

The undocumented migrants paid up to 5,000 USD for smugglers to reach South Africa, he said, and noted that they can improve their livelihood if they start up a small business in their home country.

He emphasized the need to create awareness about bringing practical attitudinal change and most importantly creating suitable environment to work.

The Ethiopian Embassy in Tanzania has repatriated 3,100 imprisoned citizens since it opened two years ago.

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