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TPLF Effectively Dismantled through Law Enforcement Operation, Says MG Endalkachew

Dec 22, 2020
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Addis Ababa, December 22/2020(ENA) The TPLF junta has no space under its control in Tigray Regional State as the group has been effectively dismantled through the law enforcement operation, Major General Endalkachew Woldekidan said.

Ethiopian National Defense Force Logistics Coordinator at Shire front, Major General Endalkachew Woldekidan told ENA that peace and security in Shire town and its neighboring areas has returned to normalcy.

He said that Shire and the surroundings were liberated by the heroic and effective national defense force operation within three weeks.

“As you can see, the area which was once a war zone is liberated by our defense force. The TPLF junta does not have single space under its control. The entire clique’s militia force has been destroyed,” Major General Endalkachew noted.

Currently, the national defense force has been hunting down the criminals in collaboration with  other security apparatuses in order to bring them to justice.

Meanwhile, General Endalikachew stated that the Ethiopian National Defense Force has been escorting vehicles that transport humanitarian aid to the displaced.

“We have been guarding emergency food and medicine supplies so that they could reach the displaced without any obstruction and security threat. In this regard, we are cooperating with Tigray Interim Administration,” he explained.

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