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Senior Tigray Interim Admin, Party Leaders Visit Damages Caused by TPLF…

Dec 21, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 21/2020 (ENA) Senior leadership of Tigray’s Prosperity Party and the interim administration have visited the extensive damages perpetrated by the TPLF junta in Adigrat town.

A delegation led by Tigray Interim Administration CEO Mulu Nega and Tigray’s Prosperity Party senior leader Abraham Belay reviewed the damages on Adigrat University and Addis Pharmaceuticals Factory.

The destruction caused by the TPLF junta on infrastructures shows that the group is anti-people and cares least for the public, it was observed.

The TPLF junta not only looted properties of Adigrat University but also damaged the remaining materials not to be used by the next generation.

The Addis Pharmaceutical Factory located in Adigrat faced the same fate, it was witnessed.

Tigray Interim Administration CEO, Mulu Nega pointed out that the group has committed serious damages on private and public properties.

According to him, peace has now been restored to the damaged city

Next, audit of all the damages inflicted on the region by the TPLF junta would be submitted to the federal government to seek solution, the CEO added.

The delegation consulted with the youth in the city with the view to maintaining peace and restoring the  dissolved government structure.

Participants of the consultative forum have reached agreement to work together.

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