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Ethiopia: Support to GERD Construction From Overseas

Dec 21, 2020
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It is a clear fact that Ethiopians at home have been making significant moral and financial contributions to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) since the start. This is also the case of Ethiopians overseas.

Ethiopians in the Diaspora have been organizing various fundraising events and buying bonds to make significant financial contribution to the Dam’s construction. Ethiopian born Diaspora has been exerting massive efforts on countering all diplomatic attacks to destruct the construction of the dam.

During three months which stretched from August to October, the Ethiopian Diaspora reportedly raised over 48 million Birr for the construction of the Dam. The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency is planning to raise 200 million Birr in total this Ethiopian Fiscal Year from the Diaspora.

Besides, there were also cases where foreigners contributed to the construction. For instance, here we can mention the case of citizens from other African countries, and Rastafarian communities across the globe since the start of the construction.

In addition, nationals of other countries have made meaningful moral and diplomatic support for Ethiopia in its quest to ensure its right to utilize its resources for development without harming the interests of other riparian countries in the basin.

For instance, back in July when the negotiation over GERD was disrupted due to the biased interference of President Trump’s administration, the U.S Congressional Black Caucus showed its support to Ethiopia by releasing a statement.

The statement said: The Congressional Black Caucus encourages the continued cooperation and peaceful negotiations of all stakeholders in the construction of the GERD. These

negotiations should be based on mutual benefit, good faith, and the principles of international law. The multi-billion-dollar GERD project was announced in 2011, and will have a positive impact in the region by providing Africa’s biggest hydropower dam that will generate approximately 6,000 megawatts of electricity, thus allowing Ethiopia to export power to neighboring countries.

Back in October, the prominent American Rights Advocate Jesse Jackson urged the international organizations and all peace loving leaders across the globe to strongly condemn the reckless statement made by President Trump on GERD.

As a continuation of this support, recently, a Qatari investor bought a 100,000 USD GERD bond. The owner and chairman of Al Sulaiteen Group of Companies, Abdullah Salem Al Sulaiti, has re-purchased a 100,000 USD Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam bond upon its maturity date.

It is recalled that Abdullah Salem Al Sulaiti had previously expressed his support to the GERD by purchasing the same amount of bond in 2015.

Abdullah Salem Al Sulaiti has sent his message saying that the remaining part of the dam would end successfully and benefit Ethiopia and the lower riparian countries.

On the occasion, Ambassador of Ethiopia to the State of Qatar, Samia Zakaria commended the enthusiasm and ongoing support of the investor to Ethiopia’s flag project.

Ambassador Samia Zakaria also handed over the bond certificate to the investor’s representative.

Al Sulaiteen Group of Companies Ethiopia PLC is engaged in the export-oriented agricultural investment sector in the Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional State, at to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ethiopia Herald December 20/2020

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