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NADO unveils article 12 sanctions

Dec 20, 2020
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The Ethiopia National Anti-Doping Organization (ETH-NADO) announced a sanction which will be enforced on other sporting bodies. The ETH-NADO stated that the government has the authority to take additional disciplinary action under article 12.

Article 12 includes additional disciplinary measures against athletes or other persons affiliated with that organization or body during a twelve-month period. In such events, all groups or some group members of an organization or body may be banned from participation in any ETH-NADO activities for a period of up to two years or be fined of up to USD 2000.

Taking steps further, the new article also adds a period of up to 4 years suspension for organizations or bodies for breaching Anti-Doping Rules.

In addition, failure to notify ETH-NADO of athlete’s whereabouts will also result in fines of up to USD 500. Going further, if more than one athlete or other person affiliated with that organization or body commits an anti-doping violation during an international event, it will be fined an amount of up to USD 2000.

Furthermore, Article 12 includes the obligation for an organization or body to reimburse ETH-NADO for all costs (including but not limited to laboratory fees, hearing expenses, and travel) related to a violation of anti-doping rules committed by an athlete or other person affiliated with that organization or body.

It can be recalled that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lauded Ethiopia and South Africa for their immense contribution in the National Anti- Doping Organizations (NADOS) effort for the protection of clean sport in Africa.  

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