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PP Central Committee Vows to Rehabilitate Tigray Region, Stop Ethnic Based…

Dec 20, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 19/2020 (ENA) The ruling Prosperity Party (PP) has vowed to intensify the on-going efforts to return and rehabilitate displaced people in Tigray Regional State and re-build infrastructures damaged by the TPLF junta.

In a statement it issued today after the conclusion of a two-day Central Committee regular meeting, Prosperity Party called on all Ethiopians and members to extend maximum support to the continued endeavors to swiftly resume public services, provide humanitarian assistance, and bring normalcy in Tigray Region.  

It also affirmed its commitment to further enhance the efforts underway to return and rehabilitate displaced people and rebuild infrastructures.  

According to the statement, the Central Committee has also vowed to enhance the activities to hunt down and bring the TPLF junta cliques to justice.  

Moreover, the party urged its leaders, members and supporters to demonstrate commitment to make the upcoming national election peaceful, democratic and free so as to make both the process and outcome acceptable to all.  

In this regard, the statement called on competing political parties to play their part in building a genuine democratic political system in the country.  

PP further called on the general public to play constructive role in making the upcoming election peaceful, democratic and acceptable to all.

In addition, it urged all Ethiopians to play their role in sustaining the encouraging transformation in the country over the past two and half years as well as building a nation in which political, economic and social prosperity are guaranteed.

Above all, the party stressed the need for taking prompt measures to stop attacks on innocent people based on their identity in various parts of Ethiopia.  

PP underscored that it believes that questions raised by the people about identities are just. Yet, the statement said the Central Committee has given instructions that such matters be addressed based on objective reality and in a manner that does not affect brotherhood, harmony, free will of the people and in accordance with law.

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