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Inquiry Board Working to Resolve Issues Related to Rehabilitating Tigray Region

Dec 20, 2020
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Addis Ababa, December 19/2020( ENA) The State of Emergency Inquiry Board said cooperation between the people, the interim administration, the Federal Government, and Defense Force are crucial for the reconstruction and peace process of Tigray Region. 

In its visit to Tigray, the inquiry board has so far seen prisoners, displaced persons, and various infrastructures. It also held discussions with communities.

The discussion with the interim administration and the community in Shire town focused on the ongoing reconstruction efforts and peace process as well as problems encountered.

During the discussion, Shire Town Interim Administrator Berhanu Gebretsadik said extensive efforts have been exerted to get back goods looted and create stability as well as repatriate displaced citizens.

He said checkpoints are established and people who have been displaced due to security are being repatriated and supported.

The administrator called for the expediting of the restoration of electricity and telecom services in the town.

Berhanu also mentioned that the residents have been demanding banking and other basic services.

According to him, various popular organizations are being created to ensure lasting peace in the city.

State of Emergency Inquiry Board Chairman, Lema Tessema said on his part the people, the interim administration, the army, and the government have a big role to play in rehabilitating the region.

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