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Dine for Nation Project Proceeding Per Plan, Says PM Abiy

Dec 17, 2020
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December 16/2020 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said efforts would be exerted to complete the Dine for Nation Project within the set schedule with a view to setting example toward completing projects launched across the country.

The Dine for Nation Project that encompasses the sites in Gorgora, Wonchi, and Koisha was unveiled by the premier in August 2020.

High government officials, including PM Abiy Ahmed and Deputy Chief Administrator of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region, Ristu Yirdaw; Amhara Regional State Chief Administrator Agengaw Teshager, and Oromia Regional State Chief Administrator Shimeles Abdissa have attended the discussion.

Explanation on works and designs of the project in the three sites were presented by three senior professionals in the field.

They said the tourist destinations to be developed in the areas have been designed by taking into account the cultural values ​​and traditions of the localities.  

The designs were prepared with the view that the development of infrastructures will be completed by the government while services will be provided by investors.

Abiy said on his part the resources needed for the Dine for Nation Project will be raised by the public and investors, even if the project is managed by the federal government.

He said the projects in the three regional states will be completed on time like Sheger Project built in the capital city.

On completion, the federal government will pass the three sites/projects to the regional states, according to the premier.

There is a plan to collect 3 billion Birr from the public and investors, and another 3 billion Birr from development partners, it was learned.

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