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Security Forces Should Not to be Instruments for Disgruntled Politicians: Major…

Dec 16, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 15/2020 (ENA) Security fores should not be instruments for disgruntled politicians, National Defense Force Indoctrination Director-General Major General Mohammed Tesema said.

In an exclusive interview with “Negari” Magazine published under ENA on the efforts to hunt down criminals in Tigray Region and the rehabilitation effort, he stressed the need for conducting a law enforcement operation when groups like the TPLF junta force challenge the National Defense Force equipped with modern weapons and trained force.

The director-general also noted the need for defining the missions of the security forces in regions and setting up of clear organizational framework.

According to Major General Mohammed, the weapons they could get should also be verifiable and limited.

Moreover, the regional security forces and the political leaders are expected to strictly stick to their respective roles, he added.

By learning from this, the government should, therefore, establish operational framework to prevent the disgruntles people and groups from disrupting peace in the country, Major General Mohammed pointed out.

He noted that the mission of the National Defense Force is to maintain the sovereignty and safety of the people.

Following the reform, efforts have been made to make the national army free from pressure and affiliations, and to modernize it.

The director-general affirmed that the defense force is now free, impartial, and protector of the nation.

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