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Brigadier General Adamneh Commends ENDF’s Rescue Operation

Dec 13, 2020
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Addis Ababa, December 13/2020 (ENA) Deputy Commander of the Northern Command, Brigadier General Adamneh Mengiste commended the ENDF operation to free members of the military force that were kidnapped by the TPLF junta during the attack on the northern command post.

It is to be recalled that on 4th November 2020, the defiant TPLF junta launched abrupt attack on the Northern Command post of the ENDF in Tigray Regional State.

On that specific date, the criminal TPLF clique has abducted several military officers, including Brigadier General Adamneh after inviting them for a dinner banquet. 

In joint operation with the Police Force, the Ethiopian Defense Force rescued 1,000 military officers as well as the Deputy Commander of the Northern Command on November 9, 2020.

Deputy Commander of the Northern Command, Brigadier General Adamneh Mangiste said the rescue operation to set free the military hostages by ENDF was swift and commendable.

He said that “we were betrayed but the operation was, in fact, successful that isolated members of the ENDF from the enemy.”

“We have been through a long journey and in a difficult situation,” he said, adding the ENDF conducted a special operation with sound techniques to free their comrades categorically.

Commander of the 20th Battalion, Brigadier General Nuru Muzeyin said “I am contented with the operation that made the abducted free from such kind of betrayal and see our country is recuperating.”

Brigadier General Nuru Muzeyin is one of the senior officials abducted by TPLF junta later set free by the rescue operation undertaken by the ENDF last week. 

“We have been through a dire situation after held hostage by the TPLF clique, they were threatening us to kill and we were in desperation. At last the ENDF surprisingly liberated us and I would like to thank my military force,” he said.

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