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Some 1.8 Billion Birr Raised to Support National Defense Force

Dec 13, 2020
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Addis Ababa, December 12/2020(ENA) Ministry of Peace disclosed today that about 1.8 billion Birr worth support was raised to the National Defense Force in just three weeks.

Briefing ENA today, Peace Minister Muferyat Kamil said the 1.5 billion Birr was raised by citizens across the country and the Ethiopian Diaspora.

Additional 2.6 million Birr has also been raised through mobile message, she added.   

According to the minister, governmental and non-governmental institutions have also participated in raising fund to the National Defense Force.

She stated that the people are proud of the National Defense Force, Federal Police, Amhara Special Force, and Afar Special Force; they support in the law enforcement operation undertaken  to preserve the sovereignty of the country.

The security forces at all levels have shown their patriotism in action by standing together to save the country, Muferyat pointed out.

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