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Amended Media Proclamation Crucial to Close Legal Gaps: Broadcasting Authority

Dec 13, 2020
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Addis Ababa, December 12/2020(ENA) The new draft media proclamation is crucial to close legal gaps as it takes into consideration the present objective situation of the media, according to Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA) 

Criticizing the existing broadcast proclamation for not being inclusive of all the media, EBA Deputy Director-General Wondwosen Andualem said the newly amended media proclamation which involves all stakeholders will close the legal gaps that the media has been facing.

Based on the newly approved media proclamation by the Council of Ministers on Friday, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority will be renamed Ethiopian Media Authority and would be accountable to the House of People’s Representatives.

Accordingly, leaders of the authority will be appointed by the House thus avoiding party dependency and helping build democracy and freedom of speech, he stated.

“The new proclamation is different from the previous one as it includes radio, television, newspaper, magazine and social media. In addition, the amended proclamation contains the crucial legal frameworks which could capacitate the media and benefit the people and nation as a whole,” the deputy director-general noted.

The lifting of bans on Ethiopians residing abroad and foreigners of Ethiopian origin as well as religious institutions interested to engage in the media is one of the big steps taken alongside creating opportunities for establishment of magazines and newspapers individually or jointly, he pointed out.

“The new media proclamation will create opportunity for those who want to invest in the media industry. It also creates opportunity for private companies or individuals to establish quality publications like magazine and newspapers,” he added.

The draft proclamation would also enable to provide sponsorship fairly, it was learned.

Wondweson said, “In addition to the media proclamation, the recently approved media policy states clearly that the media have to benefit from the resources of the country fairly. The new proclamation has set ways for the media to be fair beneficiary from the budget of the government for promotion and sponsorship.”  

He stressed that the new proclamation comes up with opportunities for professional media and for freedom of expression alongside creating opportunities for the media to capacitate themselves and support one another.

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