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Tigray Interim Administration Cabinet to Commence Work Tomorrow

Dec 12, 2020
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Addis Ababa, December 12/2020(ENA) The Cabinet of Tigray Regional State Interim Administration will start work tomorrow and civil servants will do same on Monday December 14, Chief Executive Officer of the Interim Administration, Mulu Nega said. 

All civil servants of the region are expected to appear in their respective offices and resume work this coming Monday, the CEO announced.  

According to him, all individuals who have acquired weapons both legally and illegally are urged to hand over the weapons to security forces by next Tuesday.

In a press briefing he gave to the media, Mulu said the administration is diligently working to reopen public services, ensure the safety of the people and enable them to resume their day to day activities.

In this regard, he said that the Cabinet of the Interim Administration has been formed and it will begin its task on Sunday.

Civil servants whose normal activities had been disrupted due to the belligerent activities of the TPLF junta will resume work as of the coming Monday, Mulu said.

He also warned that civil servants who do not appear on Monday in their respective offices will be considered as employees that have resigned.  

“Government employees are not instruments of political agendas. They are servants of the public,” he stressed, urging government employees to be aware of this fact and fulfill their duties.

Pointing out that most of cities in Tigray Region, including Mekelle, are now peaceful, Mulu called on private business entities to resume their services as of tomorrow.  

Consultations are underway with pertinent actors on how all government offices and business firms could resume their activities, he said.

The CEO has also called on the general public in Tigray to provide support to the ongoing efforts aimed at restoring peace and stability in the region.

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