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Inhabitants of Wolkait and Environs Reveal Atrocities of TPLF

Dec 06, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 5/2020 (ENA) Residents of Wolkait Tsegede and the surroundings said atrocities committed against them will leave deep scar on the upcoming generation.

The Wolkait area, including Ketema Nigus,Adiremetse and Kafta told reporters who visited the place that the atrocities are horrific.

When Abdulhamid Negash, a 91 year-old resident of Kafta Humera town, learned the presence of media personnel in the area he volunteered to come out and speak to the journalists saying  “no one can better tell about the atrocities and decades long injustice more than him.” 

According to him, the problem began in the late 1970s when the TPLF launched armed struggle.

Abdulhamid recalls that the people of Wolkait Tsegede have been subjected to countless abuses by the TPLF for the past 40 consecutive years.

“We have been living in pain restricted in all ways, not to voice our opinions and move freely.  Those were times when a human being was buried alive, flogged, and tortured. Many people fled the area. Thank God for this day in which we are breathing freely,” the elderly stated.  

A lady resident of the town, Addis Keleb said the TPLF had brutally killed her brother and recruited her under 18 year old to serve in their special force. The junta had also abused and imprisoned her claiming that she was trying to persuade her son to leave the special force member.

The youngster Abebe Tesfaye was sentenced for 11 years for “insulting a police officer and listening to Amharic song.”

He was released after four years in prison when the new leadership of the country pardoned many political prisoners across the country.

A girl from Adiremetse town, Rahel Malede  had  been detained several times during the last five years. Last time she was arrested for allegedly refusing to vote in the illegal election conducted by the TPLF junta.

“Personally, I have been imprisoned many times in the past 5 years. This year alone, I was thrown into a solitary confinement. They ridiculously alleged that I had received 22,000 Birr from the Prosperity Party to sabotage the election in Tigray.”

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