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Ethiopia’s Ambassador Briefs Officials of Nordic Countries Regarding Current Situation in…

Dec 05, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 5/2020 (ENA) Addis Ababa December 5/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Ambassador to Sweden and other Nordic Countries Diriba Kuma briefed officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark on the law enforcement operation in Tigray Region.

He specifically talked in a one-on-one basis with the Head of the Africa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Irina Nyoni, State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marte Ziolkowski and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Christina Markus Lassen.

The Ambassador explained to the officials that the Federal Government is forced to undertake the law enforcement operation as a result of continued belligerence on the part of the TPLF criminal clique, who also attacked the Northern Command, which is a flagrant violation of the constitution.

The ambassador underlined that law enforcement operation was imperative to maintain the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state of Ethiopia.

He also stressed that the main part of the operation is now successfully completed with extraordinary due care been given to the civilian population.

Ambassador Deriba finally called upon the officials to now join hands with the Ethiopian government in rebuilding the Tigray region, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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