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Scholars, Professionals Discuss Role of Int’l Community, Media in Times of…

Dec 05, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 4/2020 (ENA)  Ministry of Peace has conducted webinar on the role of the international community and media in times of crisis with scholars and media professionals from around the globe.

Peace Minister Muferiat Kamil wrote on her Facebook that recognizing the potential of the media, delivering accurate information responsibly, especially in difficult times, will greatly contribute a lot to peace building.

Participants of the webinar were briefed about the situation in the northern Ethiopia and the process of law enforcement operation.

During the operation “we have observed a range of information being  disseminated. Some  have been careful not to misinform and misrepresent facts.  Others, even reputable media outlets, were sharing outright falsehoods and unsubstantiated,” the minister noted.

Muferiat pointed out that the false and unsubstantiated information should be corrected.

Among the discussant, who shared their thoughts and experiences, were Professor Anne of Canada, Director General of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority Getachew Dinku, Venus Naraya of UK, and Digafie Debalke of Canada, it was learned.

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