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Destroying Infrastructures Hurts People, Country: Experts

Dec 05, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 4/2020 (ENA) Destroying infrastructures to meet ones thirst for power and plunge the livelihood of citizens to poverty would make them historically accountable, according to experts.

The roads being built across the country are undertaken through public funding to alleviate the miserable life of citizens. 

Because of this most of the country’s budget is allocated to road infrastructure and over 60 billion Birr has been allocated for the current budget year alone. 

Following the recent law enforcement operation in Tigray region, the destructive TPLF junta has been destroying infrastructure and this act is unforgivable.

Road Sector Expert Abebelign Mekuriya said demolishing roads is limiting the local community’s struggle to lift themselves out of poverty. 

It will take not only three to four years to build a road that connects one area with another, but the average price per kilometer is also over 26 million Birr, he added.

It is a sector in which the government invests a lot of public resources to connect the country and boost the economy, Abebelign stated.

“I have worked in the road sector for over 20 years; and I feel the pain of demolishing a road as it inflicts heavy loss on the economy and the country,” he pointed out.

 He noted that it is irresponsible and unfortunate to destroy roads built.

According to him, the country’s road coverage is very low and there are many citizens who are in need of road to improve their livelihood. 

 Policy and Leadership Lecturer and Researcher at Civil Service University, Alemayehu Debebe said a leadership is for the betterment of the people, not to harm them. 

The people should be aware that a person who works only for his own interests, claiming that he cares for the people, cannot lead a country by any standards.

Hence destroying infrastructures is considered as destruction of the country. “A few people who call themselves leaders may be arrested. But the suffering of the people in the region would continue as the country’s infrastructure is destroyed.”

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