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House Applauds Conduct of Law Enforcement Operation in Tigray

Dec 02, 2020
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Addis Ababa, December 2/2020(ENA)  The law enforcement operation in Tigray Regional State has been carried out efficiently, effectively and in accordance with the constitutional order, according to the House of Federation.

In a press briefing he gave today, House of Federation Speaker Adem Farah recalled that the TPLF Junta had been committing various illegal activities, including regional elections, to undermine the constitutional order before and after the national reform.

Despite repeated calls from the House to stop the illegal activity, the junta continued to engage in activities that jeopardize the constitution, he said.

Following this, the House of Federation decided to dissolve the TPLF Council and not to recognize the executive committee.

Furthermore, he stated that the House has also decided to establish an interim administration in the region in accordance with the powers it is given by the Proclamation No. 359/95 of the Constitution.

According to the speaker, the government’s effort to bring this Junta to justice has been done carefully without harming innocent citizens and infrastructure.

The House has evaluated the law enforcement operation efficiently and effectively in accordance with the constitution, he noted.

“In our monitoring and evaluation, the federal government has been carrying out its law enforcement operation efficiently and effectively in accordance with the decision of the House of Federation, other relevant laws as well as in accordance with the constitutional order. In the process so far, the House appreciated the utmost maturity, determination and commitment of the government not to harm innocent people and has taken necessary measures on the illegitimate body, which has endangered the constitutional order,” he elaborated.   

Moreover, Adem stated that the House will monitor the ongoing activities in Tigray State to check whether they are implemented in accordance with the constitution or not.

Accordingly, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will report to the House on the situation in the region, he said, adding that the House will set future directions.

He explained,” Every three months, the PM will submit a report to the House of Federation regarding the implementation of the decision. As found necessary, he may submit a report on the situation in Tigray State at the request of the House of Federation. The House will decide on the implementation of the decision and set direction for the future.”

The interim administration established in the region shall have the powers and functions of the highest executive body of the state and approves the state’s plan and budget.

According to Adem, the appointment of leaders in various towns and woredas is a good start, following the official launch of the interim administration.

“The interim administration is in place, with the participation of the people, the interim leadership of different towns and woredas, with the participation of various sections of the society interim administrations are being organized in each area by people they believe that are qualified to lead them. The regional interim administration is doing well.”

Tigray State Interim Administration Chief Executive Mulu Nega is holding election of interim leaders in various towns and woredas of the state by holding discussion with the communities, it was learned.

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