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PP Vows to Rehabilitate Returnees, Restore Infrastructures in Tigray

Nov 30, 2020
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Addis Ababa November 29/2020 (ENA) Prosperity Party (PP) has pledged to rehabilitating returnees displaced due to the on-going law enforcement operation in Tigray and rebuilding infrastructures that destroyed by the treasonous TPLF. 

According to a statement from Prosperity Party, the betrayal TPLF group has committed massacres over members of the national defense forces in northern command and horribly massacred over 700 innocent civilians in Mai-Kadra.

Congratulating all Ethiopians for the victory over the brutal TPLF group, PP said it is great particularly for Tigryans who were under the oppressive rule of the junta to witness this day and finally librated from the mafia group.

PP praised the members of the defense forces and the northern command for the sacrifices they paid and their heroic response to ensure the country`s integrity and sovereignty despite all forms of treasonous happened over the northern command and hideously attacked by the TPLF clique.

Stressing the tyranny group, which has been obstructed the coexistence of Ethiopians has finally liquidated by Ethiopian heroes, the statement said for the long-term ambitions to build a diversified and untied Ethiopia, all Ethiopians in general and the Tigryan people who were under the atrocious TPLF group for years in particular have to collaborate with PP.

Alongside investigating and apprehending members of the junta, activities will be undertaken with special priority to returning and rehabilitating the displaced people during the law enforcement operation and rebuilding infrastructures which destroyed by the treasonous TPLF, it was indicated.

According to the statement, PP urged the leadership of the party, members, supporters and Ethiopians at all to join hands to resume public services and safe distributions of humanitarian and emergency supplies in Tigray.

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