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Germany Has Clear Picture of Law Enforcement Operation: Ambassador Mulu Solomon

Nov 24, 2020
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Addis Ababa November 23/2020 (ENA) Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Germany Mulu Solomon said she has been showing the actual picture of the law enforcement operation in Tigray Region to officials of the Government of Germany.

Ambassador Mulu Solomon told ENA that German officials, including members of the parliament and international diplomatic community, as well as those of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland were briefed on the situation. 

She added that the embassy is informing them about the current progress and statement from the Ethiopian government on the issue.

Ambassador Mulu noted that the Government of Germany has now understood the reality on the ground and the statements the Ethiopian Government issues about the law enforcement operation.

With regard to the concern about the possible occurrence of humanitarian crisis assistance, Mulu stated that the government is taking all the necessary caution to safeguard the security of citizens and provide humanitarian assistance.

According to the ambassador, the criticism about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s being a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the measure being taken in Tigray is unwarranted as the prize was given for his contribution to peace and the operation is also taken to ensure lasting peace in the region.

All the briefed bodies, including the Government of Germany do not want the reform to fail and are willing to provide support for its success, she elaborated.

Stating that few German media have been reporting one-sided story, Mulu said consultations with the pertinent bodies is underway to correct them.   

It is to be recalled that the federal government launched the law enforcement operation following the traitorous attack of TPLF junta on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force.

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