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Nation Should Intensify Efforts to Clarify Objective of Law Enforcement Operation:…

Nov 24, 2020
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Addis Ababa November 23/2020 (ENA) The Government of Ethiopia should continue its active engagement in creating clarity and understanding about the ongoing law enforcement operation in Tigray Region to the concerned bodies, an Ethiopian diplomat said.

Former Ambassador to Cuba, Asfaw Dingamo told ENA that Ethiopian diplomats should enhance their engagements with regional and international actors in order to clarify about the operation in the region.

The TPLF junta has been plundering the country and destroying its justice system for years, Asfaw said, adding that the attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force  was the last straw that forced the government to take action.

“As diplomats outside of the country, we should work very hard to lay bare the propaganda of the TPLF group that has been spread for years,” he stated.

Asfaw further noted that the Ethiopian Diaspora across the globe, including in the big countries like the US and other Europe countries, should play crucial role in creating understanding in the countries of their residence.

“We (diplomats) have to work closely with members of the diaspora community to make sure that everybody understands the essence of the law enforcement operation,” he said.

Furthermore, the ambassador called for the need to change the misguided narrative in the mainstream and social media platforms on the ongoing efforts to maintain law and order.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said yesterday that the second phase of the law enforcement operation in Tigray Region is now successfully completed and the operation has entered its final and crucial round of capturing Mekelle to bring the criminals to justice.

The law enforcement operation in Tigray followed the recent brutal attack of TPLF on the Northern Command of the National Defense Force.

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