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Nat’l Defense Force Takes Control of Aksum, Adwa and Surroundings of…

Nov 20, 2020
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Addis Ababa November 20/2020 (ENA) The National Defense Force has taken control of Aksum, Adwa towns and the surroundings of Adigrat, according to Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check. 

The National Defense Force, which has been pushing the TPLF junta on the western front, has destroyed the entrenched enemy force and fully controlled Axum.

The TPLF junta had bulldozed the asphalt road and put up strong resistance at Selekleka before the army destroyed the fortress and marched on Axum, it added.

Although the junta tried to defend some areas from Axum to Adwa, the National Defense Force defeated it, Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check stated.   

The defense forces are now advancing towards Adigrat town after liberating the surrounding areas.

Many members of the junta have given themselves up and soldiers that defected from the defense force to fight along the junta were captured.  

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