Addis Ababa November 18/2020 (ENA)The National army has been gaining victory in its law enforcement operation and the securing of the existence of the country, Ethiopian National Defense Force Chief of Staff General Birhanu Jula said.

Briefing journalist on the operation in Tigray Regional State, General Birhanu said the army which started operation in the western front has taken control of Dansha, Baeker, Maikadar within a short time and entered Kafta Humera.

Subsequently, it took control of Sheraro via Adi Goshu and Adi Nibreid as well as Gozomon, he added.

And after a major operation conducted by the army on Tuesday, it captured Shirie as well.

On the south front, the defense force took control of Waja and Alamata; Chercher and Mehoni on the eastern front.

The liberation of Kobo from the hands of the junta, he noted that there are places in   Rayya Azebo that remain to be free.

He pointed out that the people of Tigray have been warmly welcoming the army wherever they reached.

According to him, people have been surrendering the weapons they were given by the junta to attack the national defense force.

On the Shirie front alone the people gave up 200 machine guns to the army, General Birhanu revealed.

In addition, the people are playing a crucial role in locating hidden weapons by the extremist group.

Members of TPLF who surrendered to the national army said the extremist group is using churches to stockpile weapons and direct the war, the chief of staff said.

They are also destroying bridges, roads and other infrastructure manifesting their anti-people nature, it was learned.

General Birhanu said the extremist group is now in a state of disarray and carrying various criminal activities.

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