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Yemishitu Fitsame

Yemishitu Fitsame - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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Yeleb Kelebet

Yeleb Kelebet - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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Yetiikur Fert

Latest Ethiopian Movie - Yetikur Fert

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Ethiopian Movie - Eneteykat 2017

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Yikerta - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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Lib Yazezew Bekel

Lib Yazezew Bekel - Ethiopian Movie


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500 Immigrants Rescued From The Sea

500 immigrants rescued from the sea

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TOP Secret Azeb Mesfin and Sebhat Nega Exposed - Ayalew Mengesha Speaks Out

TOP Secret Azeb Mesfin and Sebhat Nega Exposed - Ayalew Mengesha Speaks Out.mp4

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Empower the Community Weekend 2017/ Saturday, August 26/Come Join Us!

The first of its kind! The inaugural event will bring thousands of East Africans to gather for a day to Empower/ Connect/ Grow. Don't Miss


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New Zealander Farmer Finds Inspiration in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, Alan Stuart traveled around the central area of Lalibela for most of his time there, studying its agriculture and unique culture. By Beckie Wilson

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Spotlight: DC Screening of Indrias Kassaye’s Ethiopia Film ‘Breathe in the Roots’

Still shot from the new film 'Breathe in the Roots' by Indrias G. Kassaye. (Courtesy photo)Tadias MagazineBy Tadias Staff August 18th, 2017 New York (TADIAS) — This

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Can the Ethiopian community hang on in Seattle?

The nonprofit Ethiopian Community in Seattle aims to build a housing complex of about 120 units for low-income seniors and families. By Chetanya Robinson (Crosscut) | While

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Emirati Doctor is Helping Develop Emergency Medicine at Rural Hospital in Ethiopia

Emirati doctor Ayesha Al Memari current humanitarian work sees her volunteering with a Canadian NGO in Ethiopia by helping physicians and nurses develop emergency medicine