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Wazema - Part 14

Watch Wazema - EBC Drama Series - Part 14

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Dana Episode - 84 Preview

Dana Episode - 84 Preview

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Dana Episode - 83

Watch the Latest Episode of Dana - Part 83

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Dana Episode - 82

Watch the Latest Episode of Dana - Part 82

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Wazema - Part 13

Watch Wazema - EBC Drama Series - Part 13

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Dana Episode - 81

Watch the Latest Episode of Dana - Part 81

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Dana Episode - 80

Watch the Latest Episode of Dana - Part 80

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Dana Episode - 79

Watch the Latest Episode of Dana - Part 79

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Wazema - Part 12

Watch Wazema - EBC Drama Series - Part 12

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Wazema - Part 11

Watch Wazema - EBC Drama Series - Part 11

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Wazema - Part 10

Watch Wazema - EBC Drama Series - Part 10

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Betoch - Part 92

Watch The Ethiopian Drama Series "Betoch Part 92"

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Temhert Bet

Watch The Movie Temhert Bet

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Temhert Bet 2

Watch The Movie Temhert Bet


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Sew Sinor Show

Sew Sinor Show

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Yefidele Gebet Show

Watch Yefidele Gebet Show

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Ethio Psych

Ethio Psych

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Kurt Sega

Kurt Sega

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Only In Ethiopia

Only In Ethiopia

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Akramot - What's New In Addis

Akramot - What's New In Addis


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Real estate developer to open Best Western Hotel in Ethiopia

The new entrant to the real estate business in Ethiopia, Noah Real Estate, is poised to inaugurate Best Western Hotel in six weeks’ time.   Back

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The Arbaminch “Operation”: Another Embarrassing Moment For Eritrea’s President Isaias

The National Intelligence and Security Service along with Federal counter-terrorism taskforce has captured a group of armed mercenaries in a jungle at the southern tip

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Attempt To Undo The Counterproductive Cultural Reforms TPLF Carried Out

 “Our Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcomes”- my latest commentary, addressed the importance of carrying out cultural reforms

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Foreign Ministry refutes statements attributed to Ethiopian minister over GERD

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement refuting statements attributed to the Ethiopian minister of the Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) about the affects of the

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Ministry Of Education Cancels Grade 12th Entrance Exam

The Ministry of Education today announced that the 12th grade nationwide entrance exam was postponed. Minister Shiferaw Shigute said in a press conference held in the

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Computer Crimes In Ethiopia And State Terrorism

The Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) is getting hammered left and right and upside the head on its so-called antiterrorism law (“Anti-Terrorism