Sew Lesew - Part 125 (Part 2)

Watch Ethiopian Drama Sew Lesew - Part 125

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Welafen - Part 39

Watch The Ethiopian Drama Welafen - Part 39 

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Tindochu - Part 4

Watch The Ethiopian Drama Tindochu - Part 4

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Ye Afta Cheawata - Part 5

Watch The Ethiopian Drama Ye Afta Cheawata - Part 5


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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Lamb

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KeLibe Sir

Watch The Ethiopian Movie KeLibe Sir

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ምን ቀረኝ Min Keregn

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Min Keregn 

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ምን ቀረኝ Min Keregn 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Min Keregn 

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KeLibe Sir 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie KeLibe Sir

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Lamb 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Lamb


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Watch The Ethiopian Show Endewaza

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Begu - Short Comedy Movie

Begu - Short Comedy Movie


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Ethiopian rebel group Afar People’s Party based in Eritrea, abandons armed struggle

An Ethiopian armed opposition group, Afar People’s Party has returned home abandoning an arms struggle in pursuit of peace. The leader of the opposition group

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Fitch Ratings Affirms Ethiopia's Long-Term Local Currency (LTLC) IDR

Fitch Ratings has affirmed Ethiopia's Long-Term Local Currency (LTLC) IDR at 'B' with a Stable Outlook. The Short-Term Foreign Currency (STFC) IDR has been affirmed

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Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Announces New Partnership With Ethiopia

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Thursday announced to further broaden the existing partnership with Ethiopia on a number of areas. The world’s largest philanthropic

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Ethiopian and Swedish scientists discover Chicken odour 'prevents malaria'

Live chickens as well as compounds extracted from chicken feathers were used in the experiments The smell from a live chicken could help protect against malaria,

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Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan search for investors in Sh2.3 trillion Lapsset project

Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan yesterday threw their weight behind the Sh2.3 trillion Lapsset project as they jointly searched for investors to fund it. The three

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The Witch Of Kiburara And Kazibwe’s Failed Addis Ababa Project

On June 13, I made a Facebook post titled ‘Chairperson of the African Union race’. It read as follows: “SADC has a candidate. Though he