Dana- Episode 41

Watch the Ethiopian TV Series Dana- Episode 41

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Mogachoch EBS Drama - Part 42

Watch Mogachoch EBS Latest Series Drama - Part 42

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Betoch - Part 110

Watch Ethiopian Comedy Series Betoch Part 110

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Meleket Drama - Episode 24

Watch Meleket Drama - Episode 24


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Fiker Simenezer - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Fiker Simenezer" 

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The Broker 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "The Broker" 

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Lemen - Full School Life

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Lemen - Full School Life"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Tibatibe" 

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Selayouchu - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Selayouchu "

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Weyzerit Dengil 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Weyzerit Dengil" 


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Man Vs Lions. Maasai Men Stealing Lion's Food Without A Fight

Maasai Men Stealing Lion's Food Without A Fight

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Nati Haile – Reha

Nati Haile – Reha

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Ethiopian Assa Kitfo – Raw Spicy Fish

Ethiopian Assa Kitfo – Raw Spicy Fish

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Helen Abelle At YALI

Helen Abelle At YALI

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Ras Mule – Des Alew Liben

Ras Mule – Des Alew Liben

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Minyahil Tadele – Hiwote Manesh

Minyahil Tadele – Hiwote Manesh


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Japanese Companies Eager To Do Business In Ethiopia

The Koyo Group and NEC Energy Solutions, Japanese companies involved in manufacturing and selling of energy equipments disclosed their intention to do business in Ethiopia,

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Africa-Australia Mining Development Conference Kicks Off

Africa-Australia Mining Development Joint Conference launched yesterday, September 02, 2015, in Perth, Australia, Ethiopian News Agency reported. West Australian Premier Colin Barnett at the opening ceremony

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6 Places To Find Great Ethiopian Coffee In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Since Ethiopia is the ancient birthplace of coffee, it makes sense that coffee culture is a big aspect of life in the capital, Addis Ababa.

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Ugandan Bodies Flown Home After Al-Shabab's Attack

The attack was the most fatal against Ugandan troops in Somalia The bodies of 10 Ugandan soldiers killed in Somalia by militant Islamist group al-Shabab have

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University Of Dire Dawa Constructs Technology Institute

Dire Dawa University is getting ready to build a technology institute with three billion Birr cost, according to Ethiopian News Agency. According to Yitbarek Getachew, Academic

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Vacationers Rescue Syrian Man After 13 Hours Lost At Sea

Sandra Tsiligeridu was cruising back to the Greek holiday island of Kos with family and friends last Thursday when she spotted something out of place