Betoch - Episode 170

Watch Betoch Comedy Drama - Part 170

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Betoch - Part 181

Watch Ethiopian Comedy Drama Betoch - Part 181

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Wazema - Part 37

Watch Wazema - Part 37

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Zemen - Part 57

Watch Ethiopian DramaZemen - Part 57


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Watch the Ethiopian Movie Enafatalen

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Ye Lib QuanQua

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Ye Lib QuanQua

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Yesferen Lij

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Yesferen Lij

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Solvi Va

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Solvi Va


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122 Poison Food Found In Addis Ababa

122 Poison Food Found In Addis Ababa

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Interview with Sister Merkeb Bishu

Interview with Sister Merkeb Bishu - Abebe Worku Kumneger Ena Chewata Be Tiwista

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Watch a Senator Breastfeeding her Baby in Parliament

Australian Senator Larissa Waters made headlines when she breastfed her child while introducing a motion on black lung disease. Last month, her daughter, Alia, made

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Addis Bridal Show is happening for the first time

Addis Bridal Show is happening for the first time 

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Zeritu Kebede - Lemen Tenekahu

Zeritu Kebede - Lemen Tenekahu

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World Food Programme to suspend food aid to Ethiopia

World Food Programme to suspend food aid to Ethiopia


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Explore Ethiopian Cuisine in Edgewater Neighborhood of Chicago

Demera Ethiopian Restaurant is in Chicago’s edgy Edgewater neighborhood. It is about 15 minutes north of the Loop on the redline — close to the

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Dangote Cement May Quit Its Production in Ethiopia over Mining Dispute

East Shewa Zone administration wants Dangote Cement Plc to outsource its pumice, sand and clay mines to youth groups or be responsible for “any problems”

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Ronan Scully Looking for Longford (Ireland) Participants for the Great Ethiopian Run in November

Renowned Gorta Self Help Africa worker, Ronan Scully is undertaking the Great Ethiopian Run again this November, and he is looking for Longford volunteers to

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Couple Fights to Bring Two Ethiopian Orphans to Ethiopia

Katie and David Norton undergone a lengthy and, at times, emotionally exhausting journey to adopt two Ethiopian orphans (4-year-old boys) They say parenthood requires love, not