Dana Drama Season 4 Episode 57

 Dana Drama Season 4 Episode 57

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Zemen Part 30

Watch The Ethiopian TV Show Zemen Part 30

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Meleket Drama - Episode 63

Watch The Ethiopian TV Show Meleket Drama - Episode 63

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Betoch Comedy Drama - Part 167

Watch The Ethiopian TV Show Betoch Comedy Drama - Part 167


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Temech endew

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Temech endew

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Hameru ha

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Hameru ha

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Atinikuge


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Son and father killed in head-on crash with each other

Son and father killed in head-on crash with each other

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Kako Getachew - Gude

Kako Getachew - Gude

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South Africa's Xenophobic Attacks on Ethiopian Community, Gabina

South Africa's Xenophobic Atttacks on Ethiopian Community, Gabina

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Board of Election gives Decision on the Conflicts of Semayawi Leaders

Board of Election gives Decision on the Conflicts of Semayawi Leaders

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Man go to polish his shoe and had a 10,000.00 Birr job opportunity

Sentayehu tamene went to get his shoe polished and he meet two people who stared  a conversation on job opportunity with a salary of 10,000.00

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Italian guy killed in Addis Ababa nightclub

Italian guy killed in Addis Ababa nightclub


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Ethiopian Airlines Wins Another Continental Award

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest cargo operator in Africa, has been awarded the African Cargo Airline of the Year Award during the 2017 Air Cargo Africa

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Silver City’s Own Ethiopian Chef Shares Recipes and Customs

Hailu Robele has held numerous jobs in Chicago, Troy, Michigan and El Paso before finally retiring and moving to Silver City full time a couple

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Free Dr. Merera Gudina

Politically Motivated Charges Against Ethiopian Opposition Leader Three months after Ethiopian security forces arrested opposition leader Dr. Merera Gudina upon his return to Ethiopia, following his

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French Police Sniper shoots two mistakenly at President Hollande speech

A French police sniper has accidentally shot and injured two people during a speech by President Francois Hollande in western France. The shot was fired as

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PSU School of Music Alumni to Present Benefit Concert for Ethiopian Schoolgirls

Tania Pyatovolenko was inspired to support Hiwot House after learning about the facility from her English teacher at Messiah College, Helen Walker. The Pennsylvania State University’s

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Ethiopian Community in Dubai celebrates Ethiopian Day

Ethiopian Community in Dubai celebrated Ethiopian day this past Saturday. The event was apparently colourful. Based on information from Ethiopian Community in United Arab Emirates