Saraswatichandra - Part 177

Watch Saraswatichandra - Part 177 (Amharic dub by Kana TV)

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Yebeteseb Chewata - Part 18

Watch Yebeteseb Chewata - Part 14

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Yemeabel Wanategnoch - Part 8

Watch Yemeabel Wanategnoch - S01 - Part 8 Starring: Zelalem Berhanu, Amanuel Mintesnot, Eleni Tadesse, Fenan Hedru, Daniel Tegegn, Sahar Abdulkerim, H/Michael Abebe, Samuel Ephrem, Muluken

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Ketezegaw Dose - Episode 24

Watch Ketezegaw Dose - Episode 24


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Facebook Fik'iri

Watch Ethiopian Movie Facebook Fik'iri

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Yepoletīka Masiferarīya

Watch Ethiopian Movie Yepoletīka Masiferarīya

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Eyerus Singer Abi Lakew Ethiopian film

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Eyerus Singer Abi Lakew 

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Sene Selasa

Watch Ethiopian Movie Sene Selasa

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Bizu Tebazu

Watch Ethiopian Movie Bizu Tebazu

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Fikirina Radio

Watch Ethiopian Movie Fikirina Radio now online


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Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 39 Years

Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 39 Years

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Habesha Prostitute in Arab Countries

Habesha Prostitute in Arab Countries

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Kuwait Custom Officials Discover Homing Pigeon Carrying Drug

Customs officials in Kuwait have apprehended a pigeon carrying drugs in a miniature backpack, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai reports. A total of 178 pills were found in

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Checkout The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

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Justice for Mogous

Justice for Mogous

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Hanan Tariq Colorful Wedding

Hanan Tariq Colorful Wedding


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Red Carpet Welcome for New Director -General of World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adhanom

It has been a delightful moment for Dr. Tedros Adhanom, the first African to be a Director -General of the World Health Organization (WHO) in