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Bahta G. Hiwot --- Tesasategn Eko

Bahta G. Hiwot --- Tesasategn Eko

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Yirdaw Tenaw

Yirdaw Tenaw 

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Yilma Hailu

Listen to the music of Yilma Hailu

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Meskerem Getu Ayezoh

Listen To The Music Of Meskerem Getu Ayezoh  

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Ethiopian Orthodox Music - Zemarit Zerfe Kebede

Listen the the music of Zemarit Zerfe Kebede 

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Ethiopian Gospel Music - Ephrem Alemu

Listen To The Music Of Ephrem Alemu

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Zerfe Mezmure

Listen to the Ethiopian Music, 'Zerfe Mezmure' 

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Ezihe Lay Takomiyalesh [Ethiopian Oldies]

Ezihe Lay Takomiyalesh [Ethiopian Oldies] Sirak Sheferaw

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"Esey Lomi" [Ethiopian Oldies]

"Esey Lomi" [Ethiopian Oldies] Tsehay Kassa

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"Anteye Lome Neh Hoye" [Ethiopian Oldies Music]

"Anteye Lome Neh Hoye" [Ethiopian Oldies Music]Bezawerk Asfaw

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Collection of Oldies but Goodies Sep 19, 2013

Collection of Oldies but Goodies Sep 19, 2013

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Tilahun Gessesse Anchi Sebebegna Ethiopian Oldies Music

Tilahun Gessesse Anchi Sebebegna Ethiopian Oldies Music

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Markan - New Ethiopian Movie

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Aldewelem - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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Tasraleche - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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Yet Nebersh

Yet Nebersh - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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Zikre - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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Yetidar Yaleh

Yetidar Yaleh - Latest Ethiopian Movie


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TOP Secret Azeb Mesfin and Sebhat Nega Exposed - Ayalew Mengesha Speaks Out

TOP Secret Azeb Mesfin and Sebhat Nega Exposed - Ayalew Mengesha Speaks Out.mp4

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Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger has some friendly advice for Donald Trump Over Racism

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has hit out at Donald Trump over what the US president's critics say is a failure to unequivocally condemn white supremacists

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500 Immigrants Rescued From The Sea

500 immigrants rescued from the sea


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Turkish Students Arrive in Ethiopia for Voluntary Work

Weeklong visit part of 2017 Africa Experience Sharing Program organized by Turkish aid agency TIKA Ten university students from Turkey arrived in Ethiopia on Monday for

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Brentwood, Tennessee Teen Recalls ‘Eye-opening’ Trip to Ethiopia to Get Her Brother

Helen Johnson, 15, is part of a big, blended family of nine, which sometimes draws looks and unusual questions from Williamson County (Tennessee) neighbors By Brad

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Ethiopian Maid Thrown off 7th Floor of Kuwait Apartment Returns Home

The Ethiopian maid, named Adesech Sadik, was filmed (by her employer) falling from a seventh-floor window while the employer was not showing any attempt to

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Photo collections of Ashenda 2017 Day one Festival From Awramba Times

by admin · August 23, 2017 ', enableHover: false, enableTracking: true, buttons: { twitter: {via: ''}}, click: function(api, options){ api.simulateClick(); api.openPopup('twitter'); } }); jQuery('#facebook').sharrre({ share: { facebook: true }, template: '{total}', enableHover: false, enableTracking: true, click: function(api, options){ api.simulateClick(); api.openPopup('facebook'); } }); jQuery('#googleplus').sharrre({ share: { googlePlus: true }, template: '{total}', enableHover: false, enableTracking:

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Sudan Braced for 'Massive Floods' as Nile Levels Hit One Hundred-year Highs

Sudan is braced for "massive floods" along the Nile Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah/Reuters Torrential rains in neighbouring Ethiopia have swollen the Nile, which flows into Sudan. Khartoum is

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Migrants in Rome Evicted From Office Block as UN Voices Concern

More than 600,000 people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East have arrived in Italy over the last three years. The eviction of 800 migrants