What really happens when you sleep in lingerie revealed

  • Dr Seth Rankin reveald what really happens when you wear a bra in bed 
  • He says that doing so is unlikely to have an impact on breasts sagging 
  • He warns that wearing a bra in bed could prevent bodily functions from working 

By Martha Cliff for MailOnline

Published: 09:25 EST, 16 February 2017 | Updated: 20:55 EST, 16 February 2017

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It is the original old wives' tale, with many stars claiming that wearing a bra to bed can prevent breasts sagging in later age. 

Screen legend Marilyn Monroe wore one every night and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup has sworn by the tactic ever since Paula Yates told her not to bother with a boob job and 'just wear a bra in bed'. 

However, other urban legends claim that keeping lingerie on while sleeping can actually be the cause of sagging and now an expert has finally put the rumours to bed.

And not only does he say sleeping in a bra will do little to prevent your breasts heading south, Dr Seth Rankin also claims the garment could even restrict the lymph glands that help to flush toxins from the breasts.

Dr Seth Rankin has revealed what really happens if you wear your bra to bed and whether it can really prevent sagging  Dr Seth Rankin has revealed what really happens if you wear your bra to bed and whether it can really prevent sagging 

Dr Seth Rankin has revealed what really happens if you wear your bra to bed and whether it can really prevent sagging 

Dr Seth Rankin from the London's Doctor's Clinic revealed that breast sagging is inevitable at any age as tissue loses its elasticity over time and he believes wearing a bra to bed will have little impact on preventing it.

He told Cosmopolitan: 'When you're lying down flat, the effect of gravity pushes the breast tissue back towards your chest, instead of down towards your toes. 

'So wearing a bra (the purpose of which is ultimately to support breasts from below) is essentially redundant in bed, as breasts naturally compress back down onto the chest.'

He says that wearing lingerie while sleeping is unlikely to prevent sagging but can cause lymph nodes to become blocked He says that wearing lingerie while sleeping is unlikely to prevent sagging but can cause lymph nodes to become blocked

He says that wearing lingerie while sleeping is unlikely to prevent sagging but can cause lymph nodes to become blocked



Although she famously claimed all she wore in bed was Chanel No 5 the screen legend is believed to have kept her 36D figure trim by keeping her bra on while she slept.


The TV presenter revealed her unlikely beauty tip in a magazine interview in 2011. 

She said: ‘The best piece of advice I got was from Paula Yates. I was moaning about my breasts and she said: “Never, ever have a breast job. Just wear a bra in bed.” That’s what I do. I haven’t taken it off for 15 years.’ 


The former Bond girl says that she too swears by wearing her bra in bed in a Yahoo interview.

She said: 'My mother taught me when I was very young that if I don’t want my boobs to hit the my knees by the time I’m 30, always wear a bra, even to bed.'

Although it is unlikely that wearing a bra to bed prevents sagging Dr Rankin says that it can have a negative effect on bodily functions. 

Lymph glands are like exit doors for waste products from the breasts, draining by-products such as oestrogen and sending them to the liver or kidneys to be broken down. 

He continued: 'The same goes for the lymphatic system: a tight bra may restrict the flow of lymph to the many important lymph nodes around the breast and armpit, hindering the system's vital function of flushing toxic waste-products from the body.'

Other experts have previously confirmed this theory with Professor Mokbel warning women to avoid too tight bras.

He previously told the MailOnline: ‘Wearing a constrictive bra to sleep affects the physiology of the breast. 

It can impair the blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which, at worst, can lead to chronic inflammation, oedema (fluid retention) and discomfort.'  


Dr Foued Hamza, an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon, revealed his tips to the MailOnline in 2016. 

'If you are healthy, eat well, exercise and avoid excessive exposure to UV rays and smoking, this will play a significant role in maintaining the quality of your skin,' he said.

'Yo-yo dieting can also have a detrimental effect on the breast area because it will cause skin to loosen and will create stretch marks which are difficult to remove.

'Applying creams and lotions, which can improve the skin's complexion and prevent its ageing, is also helpful.' 


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