Valentine’s Day Charms of Ethiopia

Valentine’s Day Charms of Ethiopia Valentine’s Day Charms of Ethiopia

Truly now is the time to transform from the standard box of chocolates and bouquet of deep coloured red flowers. Upgrade to the classy romantic getaway that your significant other will continue to treasure for life time. If you thought Ethiopia is not a place of love and romance, think again since the country’s actual destinations prove otherwise.

From romantic escapades to relaxing beach vacations Jumia Travel picks for you the best of romantic Ethiopian destinations that will make your valentine’s day full of love and delightful memorie.

The country offers an exciting opportunity to witness exquisite lakes and waterfalls portraying that what you can experience is more than any dinner date everybody else is having for Valentine’s Day. It’s an opportunity where you can be inspired and reflect on nature’s extravaganza. Although a dinner time with a loved one can be exciting, the fact is travel is exceptional and everlasting memory. The experience that comes from traveling gives more love to your love whether you have a partner or you are single the incredible experience of travel is abundantly available for everyone.  

Celebrate the full range of all-inclusive romantic time soaking into the massive lakes and hot spring natural waterfalls and green fields where you camp and admire nature. The destinations incorporate all romantic varieties with plenty of special activities including parties to classic cuisines to romantic cruising with the mix of cultural, spicy and offbeat destinations, you will truly hit the bottom of true adventure and superb time.   

Love is all around in the land of Ethiopia from the green refreshing forests to parks and lavish affordable accommodations this place add everlasting edge to your romance with one of its kind Ethiopian style of adventure. Spice up your romance with a classy and saucy adventure. Do not miss out on the rewarding parks and mountains.

Ethiopia is a destination which experience kick takes your romance to the next level. Let your love glow at beach fronting lavish rooms that will not break your bank allowing you to spoil yourself and your loved one with luxuries experience. Keep the romance going even when you visit the temples that existed for several centuries. These temples are considered sacred and they are breath-taking as they are erected from a single rock in a complex and gorgeous architectural skills of the ancient time. This country’s charm is famed for inspiring closeness and love even to seasoned partners.

This ancient country features great destinations that incorporate lakes, mountains, wildlife, parks and massive waterfalls. It’s the best place to mix roses, chocolate, great meals and champagne along with exploring stunning places. Take advantage of this eco-friendly destinations for the best outdoor and indoor activities. Sit by the lakes as the sun sets and the moon comes out warming yourself from campfires that are lit to brighten your romantic time.  Indulge on this glorious romantic activities and even tie the knot or renew your vows at the romantic set up at the lakes in Hawassa and Bishoftu where there is a world class reception which allows you to grip on the horizon of everlasting love with treasured memories from the picturesque destinations.  

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