Haile Gebreselassie Is Building A 4 Star Hotel In Arba Minch

Haile Gebreselassie Is Building A 4 Star Hotel In Arba Minch Haile Gebreselassie

Haile Gebreselassie, Ethiopia’s retired long distance runner, is constructing a 4 star resort hotel in Minch town, Southern Regional State. The hotel is being built at an outlay of 250 million Birr.

The 4 star resort hotel is going to have a panoramic view of lakes Chamo and Abaya and lay on 41,313sqm plot of land. With 108 guest rooms with different standards and 3 stories, it will also have swimming pool, spa and gym, conference hall, and a mini golf yard.

According to Haile, the resort is going to be in an area commonly known as “Ye Igzer Dildiy” situated by two large lakes that are separated by a land bridge. Construction was started a year ago and it now has reached 85 percent completion rate, Haile explained.

“It took us only a year to reach here. We are now doing the finishing work. It will be finalized and inaugurated in December 2017,” Haile explained. “We always talk about the Chinese construction firms’ efficiency. I want to show that we Ethiopians can also do things fast.”

The resort hotel is designed as well supervised by Geretta Consult, Ethiopian company, and the contractor is Haile and Alem International. In order to undertake the construction work, Haile and Alem International has built an in-house capacity.

Haile and his wife joined the hospitality industry when they established their first resort in Hawassa 8 years back. Ever since then, they have opened hotels in Ziway and Shashemene. They are currently building 2 more hotels in nation’s capital and Adama.

The under construction hotel in Addis Ababa, is being built on the Yeka Hill and will have 8 stories consisting 120 rooms, spa, gym and swimming pool. The Adama hotel on the other hand, will have 110 rooms, spa, gym, swimming pool and all other related amenities.

The retired runner plans to increase the number of hotels to 20 in 5 years time.

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