Youth Thinkers for a Better Africa

Youth Thinkers for a Better Africa Youth Thinkers for a Better Africa

The second edition of Young African Thinkers Continental Convention (YATC) with the theme ‘Realizing the Envisioned Africa,' underway at the Headquarter of the African Union.

YATC’s summit, kicked-off on Wednesday, August 9 will stay up to 12. It has brought 100 young people from over 15 African nations together to participate in discussions on the way forward for Africa.

YATC is an intense brainstorming and idea-generating summit with the aim of engaging young people in the solution finding for the challenges the continent faces.

During the convention, participants are utilizing their experiences, research and creative problem-solving skills to come up with solutions to facilitate the realization of Agenda 2063.

After three days of strong dialogue and brainstorming sessions, the outcomes are expected to be presented to a high-delegation panel for further consideration as well as implementation.

Such an exercise will not only bring about tangible and sustainable solutions from the youth but also empower and engage the citizens who share the vision of a peaceful and prosperous Africa, YATC announced in a statement sent to DireTube, the largest online Media in Ethiopia.

Young African Thinkers is a Pan-African movement of inspired youth across the continents who are profoundly convicted by Africa’s vision and the potential within them to bring it to reality. It is the youth wing of Africa Arise – a network that was started by Beza International Ministries a decade ago.

The first YATC held on Aug 10 – 12, 2016 in partnership with the African Union Commission, Youth Division. Since then, a national convention has been held in Lusaka Zambia in March 2017.

Before the end of the year, the Young African Thinkers expect to launch their flagship conventions nationally in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and South Africa.

Through this, they hope to inspire young Africans and ready them to engage with the needs of their communities actively.

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