Heineken Started Radler Beer

Heineken Started Radler Beer Heineken Started Radler Beer

Heineken Brewery Share Company introduced a new beer to Ethiopia’s market which it dubbed Walia Radler and has 2.5 percent alcohol content. This came a week after BGI Ethiopia disclosed it intends to introduce Beaufort beer.

Walia’s new brand is a blend of lemon and regular beer giving it distinctive taste from other beers in the market. It is also the second brand Heineken introduced to the Ethiopian market this fiscal year, the first one being Heineken Beer.

According to The Reporter, the history of radler beer dates back to the early years of 20th century where it was first believed to be introduced by Germans.
“This fusion is made for the consumer who would like to experience the exploding taste of lemon in beer,” the manufacturers explained.

It was after acquiring Harar and Bedele breweries that Heineken established itself in the Ethiopian market. Currently there are 7 breweries operating in Ethiopia with an annual production capacity of 12 million hectoliters.

The annual beer production capacity growth is also paralleled with the increase in the per capital beer consumption. Back in 2013 the per capital beer consumption stood at 5 liters while latest reports show it now has shoot to 10 liters.

BGI takes the biggest market share, 38 percent, while Heineken stands second with 30 percent market share.



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