Kidus Giorgis, Ethiopia Bunna Settled for a Draw

Kidus Giorgis, Ethiopia Bunna Settled for a Draw Kidus Giorgis, Ethiopia Bunna Settled for a Draw

The highly anticipated Sheger Derby between cross city rivals Kidus Giorgis and Ethiopia Bunna have shared points in Ethiopian Premier League week 23 fixtures duel played on Saturday April 16 in Addis Ababa Stadium.

Eko Fevor’s early goal for Bunna was canceled out by Salahdin Said’s second half penal as both sides share spoils.

Ethiopia Bunna looked the better side in the first interval even without having influential midfielders like Elias Mamo and Gatoch Panom. Salahdin headed effort from close range for the game’s first attempt on goal was easily dealt with Hariston Hessou. In the 17th minute Aschalew Girma forced a save from Robert OdongkaraEthiopia Bunna clinched the lead a minute later when Nigerian import Fevor struck a rebound. Abdulkerim Mohammed’s effort from range rattled the post before the unmarked Fevor fired home with a powerful shot as he founds the back of the net against Kidus Giorgs yet again having scored the winner in the first round.


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