Ethiopian School Celebrates Mother’s Day

Ethiopian School Celebrates Mother’s Day Ethiopian School Celebrates Mother’s Day

The Ethiopian International School Riyadh marked its 7th Mother’s Day recently with School Principal Abdulbassit Jamal leading the festivities.

Beshir Shemsu Mohammed, school spokesman, said over 500 mothers attended the event with their children on the school campus in the Murabba district.

“Some mothers expressed their happiness during the program, which they described as impressive, fascinating and an event to remember,” said Mohammed, who is also a teacher.

He said it was a proud moment for mothers when their children, wearing native Ethiopian clothes, performed on traditional folk songs on stage.

“The mothers could probably picture themselves performing the same dances back home several years ago,” said Mohammed, adding that the dances displayed Ethiopia’s diversity.

Children were given awards in recognition of their academic achievements and their active participation in extra-curricular activities in school.

“As the children walked up to the stage to receive their awards, they looked at their mothers with fondness as if saying that the honor was not enough to reciprocate for their sacrifices,” Mohammed said.

He said the mothers felt it was self-fulfilling as they saw their children being handed awards.

Hadiya Hani Mohammed, school coordinator, said: “The awards were a token of recognition not only of the children’s accomplishments, but also the mothers’ sacrifices and efforts in raising their children.”

Mohammed added that the school also celebrated “Career Day” earlier, during which students from Grade 9 to 12 took part and shared experiences with visitors from Al-Yamamah University who served as guest speakers.

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