FBI 2 - Part 2

Watch the Ethiopian comedy movie FBI 2

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Animarim 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Animarim" 

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Animarim" 

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Sem Ena Work

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Sem Ena Work" 


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The Broker 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "The Broker" 

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Fetagn Feteh

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Fetagn Feteh"

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Yemogzitua Ligoch - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Yemogzitua Ligoch"

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Selayouchu - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Selayouchu "

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Black And White

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Black And White"

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Fiker Simenezer

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Fiker Simenezer" 


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Balageru Idol Full August 22, 2015

The Latest Full Episode of Balageru Idol from EBC August 22, 2015

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Abby Lakew - Yene Habesha

Abby Lakew - Yene Habesha - የኔ አበሻ (Official Music Video) 

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Tsinu Kal- Girum Ermias With Mahder Assefa

Tsinu Kal- Girum Ermias With Mahder Assefa

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Mulugeta Alemu - Fikir beFormula

Mulugeta Alemu - Fikir beFormula

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Actress Mahder Assefa

Actress Mahder Assefa


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Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd Hit Records Are Taking YouTube By Storm

Artist Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a The Weeknd, has taken the video sharing website YouTube by storm with his hit records ‘The Hill’, ‘Often’ and ‘Can’t Feel

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Modern Engine Factory Construction Underway

Ethiopia is constructing modern engine factory that can produce different types of engines, Tigrai Online reported. The new factory is expected to produce from 20 to

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Addis Ababa ls The 8th Hottest City For Hotel Investment In Africa

Addis Ababa will soon get more international hotels with 1,326 rooms, a new report has said. This will make the Ethiopian capital the 8th largest

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OilLibya Egypt Exports 5ooT Oil To Ethiopia

The Libyan petroleum dealer, OiLibya’s Egyptian subsidiary is to export 500 tonnes of oil every month to Ethiopia, managing director Saleh Al-Abdali said Sunday. This comes

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New Water Bottling Company Under Construction In Burayu Town, Ethiopia

Kushilaa PLC is building a water packaging plant in Tatek Industrial Zone, Oromia Regional State of Burayu, according to Addis Fortune. Kushilaa has leased the land

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NOC Launches E-Card System

National Oil Ethiopia (NOC) launched an e-card system for all its services to reduce paper money transaction, Ethiopian News Agency reported. Customers can effect payment for