Sew Le Sew - Part 109

Watch the Ethiopian drama series Sew Le Sew - Part 109

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Temhert Bet 2

Watch The Movie Temhert Bet

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Temhert Bet

Watch The Movie Temhert Bet

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What If - 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie What If


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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yeltesebere 

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Mekdes Tsegaye 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Mekdes Tsegaye

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Yet Nora

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yet Nora

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Atamel Chegnem

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Atamel Chegnem

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Meron Getinet

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Meron Getinet  

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Yeleba Lij

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yeleba Lij


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When Ethiopian Girls Are Home Alone 2

When Ethiopian Girls Are Home Alone

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EBS Music : Reggae and Afro Beat - Coming Soon!

EBS Music : Reggae and Afro Beat - Coming Soon!

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Megeter Reality Show - Part 1

Megeter Reality Show - Part 1

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Only In Ethiopia

Only In Ethiopia

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Kurt Sega

Kurt Sega

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When Ethiopian Girls Are Home Alone 6

When Ethiopian Girls Are Home Alone


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The Ever Closing Political Space in Ethiopia

Sub-Saharan Africa is facing a growing trend of evaporating political space. Non-governmental organizations are being heavily and often violently restricted, and newspapers, bloggers and other

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Ethiopian Aviation Academy Recognized As ICAO Regional Training Center Of Excellence

Ethiopian Airlines is pleased to announce that Ethiopian Aviation Academy, the largest and the most modern aviation academy in Africa, has been recognized as ICAO

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Sheger Buses To Start Service

Sheger express busses are expected to commence service on Friday, May 27, 2016 for residents of Ethiopia’s capital. The services are going to be launched by

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Japan Tobacco Makes Highest Bid For Ethiopia Monopoly

Japan Tobacco Inc. made the highest offer for the bid Ethiopia’s government floated for the privatization of a National Tobacco Enterprise’s 40 percent share. Commenting on

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Interview With Messay Getahun, Director Of The Movie ‘Lambadina’

The film Lambadina, directed by Messay Getahun, features 9 year-old Joseph who is abandoned as his father, Solomon, flees Ethiopia during the civil war. Nonetheless

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Ethiopia Roads Authority Signs 4 Road Construction Agreements

Ethiopia Roads Authority concluded agreements worth a total of 2.8 billion Birr with 4 different companies for projects found in 4 different states. 3 of