Yaldereke Emba

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yaldereke Emba

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Shererit Dir

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Shererit Dir

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Watch the Ethiopian Movie Sibrat

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በቁም ካፈቀርሽኝ Be Kum Kafekereshegn

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Be Kum Kafekereshegn


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Watch the Ethiopian Movie Mragn

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Mieraf Hulet

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Mieraf Hulet

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Des Yemil Sikay

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Des Yemil Sikay

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Kebahir Yeweta Assa

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Kebahir Yeweta Assa

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Watch the Ethiopian Movie Embassiw

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Ye Set Kusel

Watch the Ethiopian Movie Ye Set Kusel


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Abdi Jemal - Saki

Abdi Jemal - Saki 

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Newly built 15-storey car park starts trial service

Newly built 15-storey car park starts trial service

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The famous dancer Eniye Takele returns to Ethiopia

The famous dancer Eniye Takele returns to Ethiopia

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Yosef Dolcho - Kelay

Yosef Dolcho - Kelay

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Ethiopian Music and Dance at Hilton Hotel

Ethiopian Music and Dance at Hilton Hotel

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EBS Fascia Special Show: የበገና ሚስጥሮች

EBS Fascia Special  Show: የበገና ሚስጥሮች


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IAAF Diamond League: Genzebe Dibaba to Make 800m Debut in Doha

Genzebe Dibaba on her way to breaking the 1500m world record at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Monaco (photo: Philippe Fitte)With just one week

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Man Cries out over Wife's Affair with his Typist

A 65-year-old man on Friday told an Ibadan Customary Court, sitting in Agodi, how his wife of 38 years committed adultery with his typist while

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First Lady visits Isange One Stop Centre in Kigali

Ethiopian First Lady Roman Tesfaye has commended the Isange One Stop Centre (IOSC) as a “comprehensive” place where “humanity is best expressed.” Welcomed to the Kacyiru-based

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Who Owns EFFORT? Sibhat Nega Speaks out (Video)

by admin · April 29, 2017 Sibhat Nega Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) – Ato Sibhat Nega (aka aboy Sibhat), co-founder and former chairman of the Tigray People

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Rotary Clubs in Ethiopia celebrate the historic land mark of the 100th Anniversary

TRF is Rotary International’s arm with sole objective ofsupporting Rotarians doing good in the world. It funds humanitarian projects they create to address problems of

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Ethiopia Drought has Left 7.7 Million Hungry

The number of people in need of food aid in Ethiopia’s drought-hit regions has surged to 7.7 million, some 2 million more than estimated earlier