Sew Le Sew - Part 100 (Part 2)

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Sew Le Sew 100, Sew Le Sew - Part 100 (Part 2), Ethiopian TV Shows


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Altewatem 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Altewatem 

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Altewatem

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Alamnem 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Alamnem


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Yelib Kelebet 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yelib Kelebet

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Yetesasate Menged 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yetesasate Menged

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Lakelesta 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Lakelesta

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Lakelesta

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yemalawekew

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Yetqur Fert 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yetqur Fert


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President Mulatu Teshome Sends His Best Wishes To China

President Mulatu Teshome Sends His Best Wishes To China 

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Nati Haile (Roni) - Yemrthe Gonche

Nati Haile (Roni) - Yemrthe Gonche

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Groom Sings For His Bride “Min Tadergiwalesh”

The Groom sings for his Bride “Min Tadergiwalesh”  CLICK HERE TO WATCH AMAZING WEDDING VIDEOS 1356 Views0 Comments Spiritual Wedding Song On PM Hailemariam's Daughter Wedding Spiritual Wedding Song On PM

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Endryas Sora - Yayesh Yelem

Endryas Sora - Yayesh Yelem 

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Man Sentenced To Death For Killing Cousin Suspected Of Sleeping With His Wife

Man Sentenced To Death For Killing Cousin Suspected Of Sleeping With His Wife

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Sinit Tsegay

Sinit Tsegay


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Egypt Sends Ground Forces Into Somaliland

Egypt has sent ground troops to Somaliland, sources said, as part of the Gulf Arab military contingent to rout the Iran-allied Houthi group in Yemen

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Ethiopian Airlines to Begin Private Jet Services

According to CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Tewolde Gebremariam, Ethiopian Airlines is preparing to launch private jet services for passengers traveling between Addis Ababa and

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Fun Girls’ Night In: 8 Amazing Ideas for a Night Together

Treating your girls is just as important as spending time with your mate! Here are 8 awesome girls’ night in ideas for your next get-together. Your

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Amazing: Meet The 104 Year Old Ethiopian Man Who Walks The Mall Everyday Since 12 Years!

A man in Denver walks the mall everyday at 104-years-old. Originally from Ethiopia, Mekey Yetashawork offers his tips on how to stay young and healthy.       CLICK

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Chinese Military Lands In Djibouti

In the night of February 2 to 3, a first contingent of nearly 300 Chinese troops and marines landed in Djibouti and reached North Obock

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Tragic: Ethiopian Girl Killed By Her Boyfriend In Atlanta

An Ethiopian girl , Betty Sinshaw died of a gun shot by her room mate and apparently, her Boy Friend – A Nigerian man. The