Makbel - Part 2

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Temetaleh Beye 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Temetaleh Beye

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Temetaleh Beye

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Temetaleh Beye

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Fekrawi 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Fekrawi


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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Adugna

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Honey 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Honey

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Fekrawi

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Ye Zegenet Kiber 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Ye Zegenet Kiber

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Adinat

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Bayeshelegn 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Bayeshelegn


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Teddy Afro - Performs Ethiopia Hagerachen

Teddy Afro - Performs Ethiopia Hagerachen

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Guzo : Fasika Special Show

Guzo :  Fasika Special Show

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UCHO - Ethiopian Rap

UCHO - Ethiopian Rap

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Rahel Haile – Hamimelka

watch Rahel Haile – Hamimelka  

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Ethiopian Comedy Collections

Ethiopian Comedy Collections

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Amharic Comedy Movie

Amharic Comedy Movie


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Tom Saintfiet: “Money isn’t an issue, I want to coach Ethiopia and can start immediately!”

By Zecharias Zelalem Former Namibia, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Malawi, Ethiopia and Togo national team coach Tom Saintfiet believes he is the best option to succeed the recently

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The Dirty Truth: Is It Possible To Have An Anal Orgasm

There are plenty of people out there who practice anal sex regularly and enjoy it a ton. Those people will tell you that they can,

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Who Owns Kana TV, the Satellite Station Quickly Drew Public Attention in Ethiopia?

The Dubai-based Moby Group, along with local partners, has launched a new satellite entertainment channel since the first week of April in Ethiopia. Russell Southwood

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Mushy Ways To Show Someone You Love Them Without Words

Professing your never-ending love with a barrage of “I love yous” is fine when you’re in high school and validating your love for one another