Life - Part 2

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Yefekere Fekeregna 2

Starring: Segen Yifeter , Tewodros Seferaye , Selam Tesfaye  

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Yefekere Fekeregna

Starring: Segen Yifeter , Tewodros Seferaye , Selam Tesfaye  

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Watch Tera - New Ethiopian short Film 2015


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Wech Guday

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Wech Guday "

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Akeray Tekeray 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Akeray Tekeray"

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Hamaresha 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Hamaresha"

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Rebuni 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Rebuni"

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Run - Short Ethiopian Horror Movie

Watch Run - Short Ethiopian Horror Movie

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Hamaresha"


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Dani Zewdu Live On Seifu Show

Dani Zewedu Live On Seifu Show

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Adega 911

For the past two weeks a group of tech-savvy Ethiopian American social activists in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area have been working on building an

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Ethiopia’s Rich Heritage In Its Old Capital, Gondar

Ethiopia’s Rich Heritage In Its Old Capital, Gondar 

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Africa : Addis Ababa

Africa : Addis Ababa 

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Yefker Mirchaye

Mikael Belayneh Yefikir Mirchaye Ethiopian music

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Afework Medihin (Besho) - Gudumale

Afework G/ Medihin (Besho) - Gudumale


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Interview: Grammy & Emmy-Nominated Ethiopian American Musician Kenna

The last time that we featured Kenna (Née Kenna Zemedkun) in January of 2010 the Grammy and Emmy-nominated Ethiopian American singer was leading a team

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Men: Here Are 9 Reasons Why Women Moan And Groan During S3x

If you’ve ever seen a porn video in your entire life, then you know what we are talking about. It seems that no matter what the

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Ethiopia: Hailemariam Desalegn Re-elected As Prime Minister (Video)

In the inaugural session of the new parliament held on Monday, Hailemariam, who has been in power since the death of the late Prime Minister

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CSA of Ethiopia to Construct Buildings in Four Regional States

View Comments The Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA) is said to construct buildings for its four branches in Mekelle, Hawassa, Ambo and Bahir Dar, according

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The Sci-Fi Romance Film From Ethiopia ‘Crumbs’ Opens in U.S. Theaters

Advertised as Ethiopia’s first science fiction film, 'Crumbs' is a futuristic romantic drama set following a mysterious global disaster, "Big War, " that wipes out

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Ethiopian Pilgrims Death Rises To 31

Ethiopian Muslim Affairs Supreme Council (EMASC) said the number of compatriots who died from the recent stampede at Mina, Saudi Arabia, has jumped over 30. In