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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Bandaf

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Balagebahu 

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Yaldereke Emba

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yaldereke Emba

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Leman Biye

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Leman Biye

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Adegaw 

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ግማሽ ሰው Gemash Sew

Watch The Ethiopian Movie ግማሽ ሰው Gemash Sew

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Ye Esat Kelebet

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Ye Esat Kelebet

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Yemaylkew menged

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Yemaylkew menged

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Ye Fikir Menged

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Ye Fikir Menged 

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Hagerish Hagere

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Hagerish Hagere

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Starring: Mesfin Haileyesus , Mahlet Shumete , Admasu Kebede

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Keller - Full

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Keller 

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Yetidar Yaleh

Yetidar Yaleh - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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Yesak Erchit Comedy

Yesak Erchit Comedy

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Helina - Ethiopian Movies

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Kedemena Belay

Kedemena Belay - Latest Ethiopian Movie

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DAMOTRA - Amharic movies | Ethiopian movie 2017

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Mar Silas

Mar Silas amharic film


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500 Immigrants Rescued From The Sea

500 immigrants rescued from the sea

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TOP Secret Azeb Mesfin and Sebhat Nega Exposed - Ayalew Mengesha Speaks Out

TOP Secret Azeb Mesfin and Sebhat Nega Exposed - Ayalew Mengesha Speaks Out.mp4

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Empower the Community Weekend 2017/ Saturday, August 26/Come Join Us!

The first of its kind! The inaugural event will bring thousands of East Africans to gather for a day to Empower/ Connect/ Grow. Don't Miss


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Ethiopia: 7 Foreign Companies Acquired Sheds in Mekelle Industrial Park

View Comments Companies based outside of Ethiopia have acquired 7 of the 15 factory sheds in Mekelle Industrial Park, which was built over 75,000 hectares of

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Ethiopia: EPSE Awarded 2 Companies to Supply 1.2 Billion Birr Worth Coal

View Comments Ethiopia’s fuel and coal sole supplier, Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE), awarded Riftcot Limited and HC Trading PLC to supply 1.2 billion Birr worth

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Ethiopia Fest Chicago 2017 Ready for Enkutatash Celebration

(Image courtesy: The Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago)Tadias MagazineBy Tadias Staff August 17th, 2017 New York (TADIAS) — Enkutatash is around the corner and so is the

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Ethiopia: Tribunal Dismissed Suit Against Heineken

View Comments Ethiopian Trade Practices & Consumer Protection Authority’s tribunal has dismissed a suit instigated by Meta Abo Brewery S.C. against Heineken Breweries. This was following

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Ethiopia: Ethiopian Refurbished Aircraft to Fit Full Flat-Bed Seats

View Comments Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest airline in Africa, is pleased to announce to its valued customers that it has fully refurbished its Boeing 767-300