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Haile Gerima Film Reel

Haile Gerima is an Ethiopian filmmaker who lives and works in the United States. He is a leading member of the L.A. Rebellion film movement,

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Film Maker Haile Gerima Comment On This Year’s List Of Oscar Nominees

Oscars: ‘what about building alternatives?’ The row over the absence of black actors from this year’s list of Oscar nominees continues to rumble on in Hollywood

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National Museum Presents Haile Gerima’s Acclaimed Films

Opening tonight the National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. is hosting week-long screenings of Ethiopian independent filmmaker Haile Gerima’s most critically acclaimed films

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List Of Famous TV Personalities Born In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country best known for its fast athletes like Dibaba and Bekele, breathtaking models like Liya Kebede and of course Haile Selassie but

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Legendary Filmmaker Haile Gerima Needs Suport To Make His Next Film

New York (TADIAS) — The crowdfunding campaign for the feature film, Yetut Lij, by award-winning Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima ends this week. Although this is Gerima’s first online

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Haile Gerima, Ethiopian Film Legend Still Can’t Find Support For His Films

Haile Gerima makes movies about social justice, inner-city poverty, and the African American experience. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his films don’t tend to be financed by major

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New York: Children Of Adwa Film Screening In LA

Haile Gerima’s long awaited sequel to his critically acclaimed film Adwa will screen in Los Angeles this weekend. The work in progress entitled The Children of Adwa: 40

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Haile Gerima

Ethiopian film director and playwright Haile Gerima (born March 4, 1946) is an Ethiopian filmmaker who lives and works in the United States. He is a

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