Sew Lesew - Part 125 (Part 2)

Watch Ethiopian Drama Sew Lesew - Part 125

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Yebet Sira - Episode 46

Watch Ethiopian drama series Yebet Sira - Episode 46

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Mogachoch - Episode 90

Watch Mogachoch EBS Latest Series Drama - Part 90

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Wazema Season 2 - Part 10

Watch The Ethiopian Drama Series Wazema Season 2 - Part 10


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ኢሮስ ሙሉ ፊልም Eros

Watch The Ethiopian Movie ኢሮስ ሙሉ ፊልም Eros

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Ketekelekelew Fre

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Ketekelekelew Fre


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Too Bad: Woman Selling her Virginity

 Woman Selling her Virginity

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Crazy Birthday Celebration for Adopted Ethiopian Boy

Crazy Birthday Celebration for Adopted Ethiopian Boy 

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Do you think this marriage is gonna last, this guy is a criminal

Do you think this marriage is gonna last. ... this guy is a crimina

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Heavy rain damages crops in South Gonder

Heavy rain damages crops in South Gonder

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Death Sentence Hanging over Brit Jailed in Ethiopia

There's renewed pressure on the government to press for the release of a British man who's been jailed and sentenced to death in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopian Man caught in Abu Dhabi for 9M Birr Check Fraud scheme

Ethiopian Man caught in Abu Dhabi and returned to Addis Ababa for a 9 Million Birr Check Fraud scheme.


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19-Year-old Stabbed to Death after '60 Youths Flooded Street Screaming and Arguing'

A 19-year-old man was stabbed to death after 60 young people flooded a street in east London last night, screaming and arguing, according to witnesses. The

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Coming Out About Indoor Pollution in Ethiopia

A new radio drama is helping improve people’s health in Ethiopia by drawing attention to the harmful effects of traditional ways of cooking, heating and

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GOP Congressman Mike Coffman Enjoys Ethiopian Support

Last month Republican Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado was one of a few U.S. lawmakers in DC who publicly backed the introduction of a bipartisan

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Pathetic: Ethiopian Refugee Gang Raped during Destruction of Calais Jungle

A young woman was gang raped during the destruction of the Calais Jungle, French prosecutors said today. The attack took place on Tuesday morning when five

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How Miners in the Heart of Africa Toil in Terrible Conditions

EXCLUSIVE Picks, pans and bare hands: How miners in the heart of Africa toil in terrible conditions to extract the rare minerals that power your